Foo Fei Lin


Rewind to a long time ago when Foo Fei Lin worked at a record store in her native Indonesia. She would religiously scan price catalogues, thick like phone books, or delve through liner notes, an hold habit she hasn’t managed to break during her weekly Pêle-Mêle Brussels visits. That’s where she hunts down the cheapest copies of essential records. “Other stores tend to be out of my spending range, but I’m happy I can find things there.” Foo Fei Lin lives in a small room in Anderlecht after being in the streets for a year and nine years at refugee center ‘het klein kasteeltje’. In those times, there was no space and time for records, but her passion for music never faded.

Foo Fei Lin is a walking music encyclopedia. She talks about John Farrar, Olivia Newton John’s producer. Or about Japanese musician Kitarō, whose new age synth experiments conquered the world in the 80s. About The New Seekers, who adapted songs from Lennon & McCartney. And about cover versions and sampling, breathing new life into long forgotten sounds. About Donna Summer and the Eurodisco scene in Munich. About Abba and ‘Ti Amo’ from Umberto Tozzi, a record she already discovered back in Indonesia. She speaks about her love for country, disco, Arabic or Indian music. "Lyrics speak to me the most as they really allow you to hear the soul of the performer in there. I know a lot of them by heart and like to sing along. Even though I’m not a great singer, it makes me happy.”

10 Records

  • Phyllis Nelson: Move Closer
  • Bonnie Pointer: Bonnie Pointer
  • Various Rick DeLisle Presents: Disco Radio Action
  • Robin Gibb: How Old Are You?
  • Dr. Hook: A Little Bit More
  • Bob Seger: Beautiful Loser
  • Showaddywaddy: Greatest Hits
  • Crystal Gayle:  We Must Believe In Magic
  • Crystal Gayle:  A Woman's Heart
  • Bobby Vee: Legendary Masters Series