Jill Krecké


Jill has an old soul in a young body. She’s 24, studies art sciences and archeology and has been collecting records for the past 5 years. While most of her peers get their music fix on streaming services or Youtube, Jill prefers to get dusty fingers digging through the vaults of Brussels stores like Crevette or Pêle-Mêle. The latter is her 'insider tip'. "Few people are aware that besides the used bins, they also have a solid selection of new releases. If a record is sold out elsewhere, I can often still hunt it down there.”

Jill is active in the dj circuit under her ‘Gurl’ alter ego. She loves electronic music, whether house, techno, electro or minimal. What matters to her is 'the soul of machines', she looks for 'healing tracks' and claims she wouldn’t be the same person without the music. "When I dig for records, I try not to get distracted by my eyes. I want to discover as much music as I can and listen in the purest possible sense." Digital files or solitary web browsing don’t excite her like the thrilling sensation of unearthing infinite amounts of amazing music from record bins all over the world.

The majority of new interesting music finds its way to her through her extended group of friends who share her passion. “I once bought a record from L-Reak, one of the city’s most respected electro djs. I love adopting records from someone with so much musical knowledge. At this point I’m still at the receiving end, but at some point in the future I hope to be the person that passes the music on to others. Because to me, it’s all about sharing the music we love.”

10 Records

  • Thomas P. Heckmann: Raum
  • The Stripper: Come And Get It
  • Dandy Jack: Dandy Jack And The Cosmic Trousers
  • Various: Agenda 22
  • Cron: Scalable Architectures
  • Christian Morgenstern: The Lydia EP
  • Spesimen: The Larval Stage EP
  • Dj.Booth: Basic Moves 04
  • RAC: Doublejointed EP
  • The 65D: Mavericks Earthbound