Mieke Pauwels


When Mieke happens to mention she works for the radio during classes - she teaches Dutch to non-native speakers - she always gets a warm response. Since most of her students are newcomers in our country, interacting with them is often easier through music. Rhythmically talking to a beat helps them understand the typical Dutch flow much quicker. For the annual school party, Mieke encourages them to come up with their own playlists. “Which means we usually end up with a mix of Flemish hits, festive Syrian classics and Turkish r&b. Party vibes guaranteed!”

She combines her job as a teacher in Aalst with a weekly radio show on Brussels city radio Bruzz as well as playing dj sets and promoting parties and concerts. The events she throws at Beursschouwburg with her ‘Supafly Collective’ crew are a big hit. The multidisciplinary collective that consists of members Young Mocro, Fatoosan, Vaneeshua, photographer Lizairo, mc JoBee and Mikigold (Mieke herself) has been active since 2009. 

Mieke started collecting vinyl at the end of the noughties when she studied in Ghent and often went out dancing. Notably the amazing female r&b vocalists of the era stuck with her and often still find their way onto her turntables, both at home and in the club. She loves discovering jazz albums reading the liner notes from A to Z upon first listen. She’s currently raving about Grant Green’s famous 1964 masterpiece ‘Idle Moments’. “The cast of musicians on that album is sensational. In the notes, keyboard player Duke Pearson describes how a misunderstanding during recording accidently led to the legendary 14 minutes and 58 second version. I can’t get enough of that.”

10 Records

  • Evidence: Cats & Dogs
  • The Jones Girls: The Jones Girls
  • Shazz + Joe Claussell: Innerside
  • Marlena Shaw: Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?
  • Jill Scott: Who Is Jill Scott? - Words And Sounds Vol. 1
  • Various: Milk Crate Collection
  • Marya Il Rovescio: Della Medaglia
  • Grant Green: Idle Moments
  • Dave Holland: Emerald Tears
  • Keiichi Tanaka: KETA IICNA HIKA